Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Winter Intensive Study

Summer Blanket/Winter Sheet

Overshot and Summer Winter

Checked Blanketing

Linens - pillowcases and sheets

Fancy Bedcover Weaves

Linen Towels

Checked Linen

Tow Linen Bags

Kate Smith (left) and Mary Margaret Kirkpatrick (right)
work up a draft in the studio

Welcome to our opening post for 2011. We are excited to be starting our first long-term study program this month with a young college student from Memphis, Tennessee, Mary Margaret Kirkpatrick.

She is going to be here for the winter, studying and weaving the textiles that would have been included in a 19th C. woman's wedding dowry - blankets, linens for the kitchen and bedstead, and a fancy bedcover.

She will learn natural dyeing, spinning, and all the appropriate finishing techniques for each piece. There will be a strong historic element to her study of these textiles, and she will have access to our vast library of books and collection of antique textiles.

She will keep you posted on her progress in upcoming posts.

We are currently in the process of developing a curriculum for continuing intensive studies in historic textiles. Here is an outline of what we're going to be offering:

CLOTHING FABRICS      8 week intensive
    Scottish Tweed
    Linen Checked Shirting
    Worsted Drugget Skirting
    Silk Twill
    Cotton Stripes
    Singles Wool Shawls

19th C. DOWRY TEXTILES      8 week intensive
    Summer Blanket/Winter Sheet
    Checked Wool Blanketing
    Linen Towels
    Linen Pillowcases
    Fancy Bedcover

LINEN INTENSIVE       10 weeks
    Linen Towels - Huck & M's & O's
    Linen Tablecloth - Spot Weave
    Linen Shirting - Singles Plain Weave
    Linen Sheets
    Linen Pillowcases in Bird's Eye
    Checked Linen Napkins

    Shaker Rag Rugs
    Swedish Krokbrog
    French Canadian Warp-Faced Jaspe
    Scottish Ingrain
    Kilim Tapestry Weft-Faced
    19th C. Venetian Carpets

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