Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Three Musketeers....our fall work study students!

This fall we were fortunate to have three long term students here to weave with us....Nelly from VT, Eva from Paris, and Annick from the Netherlands. They were all incredibly enthusiastic and full of energy and some beautiful fabrics were woven while they were here. Because our fall weather was so mild this year, we were able to do lots of natural dyeing still outside and the colors that they achieved were phenomenal. I have only included a small portion of what they each wove during their stay....but you'll get the idea!

Our Three Musketeers!
Nelly from VT, Eva from Paris, and Annick from the Netherlands
enjoying our perfect fall weather.

Nelly's first project was a hand spun, hand dyed Scottish Arisaid.

Norman leading the waulking of Nelly's Arisaid.

Annick weaving Scottish Tweed.

Eva weaving the classic French white with red
stripes for dishtowels.
Eva's hand dyed indigo Alpaca Throw.
Annick grinding our home grown madder to dye reds and oranges
for her Calimanco.
Some of the finished colors.
Annick planning her Calimanco.
On the loom and ready to weave.
Eva dyeing the blues and greens for her Scottish Tartan.
Eva's yarn all ready for warping.
Nelly beaming on her hand dyed wool/mohair yarn
for a Sias Burton carpet.
The finished carpet.
The finished tartan.....with Arlo.
The finished Calimanco.