Sunday, May 19, 2013

A busy spring.....

The month of April was a time of back to back students here at the school and though spring was slow in coming, the activity in the barn was blossoming! To start off the month we had a mother and daughter team come up from the south to weave wool throws. Mother Chris had woven a bit and Hilarie was a complete beginner but they both finished their throws in record time. Hilarie went on the weave a few cotton towels and Chris made a warp to take home. The next week brought Carrie Jessen all the way from Minnesota and she made good use of her time in the weaving of a cotton towel warp, a piece of overshot and also made a multicolored towel warp to take home. Three bouncy ladies from Burlington then came for a week during their school vacation - Debbie, Leisa and Kathy - and the houndstooth cotton warp, a cotton warp with horizontal stripes and a wool throw were their choices. Next came Lora Loope from Michigan, also to weave a houndstooth cotton warp and to make a warp to take home. This was Lora's first weaving experience also and she made a warp to take home to put on a barn frame loom at her local historical society. The last batch of students was a husband and wife team from Delaware - Lemuel and Jessie Hudson - and this was Lem's first weaving experience also. He took to it so well that he wove off a cotton baby blanket, after finishing his throw and Jessie made a warp for them to put on her AVL at home. They will also be returning to buy one of our barn looms so that they each can have their own loom. It was so inspiring to have all these new weavers join the fold!
Hilarie working on her throw.
Chris, Hilarie's mom, learning how to wind a bobbin from Lynnette.
Hilarie and Chris with their finished throws.

Hilarie went on to weave another warp of cotton towels in a houndstooth pattern.

Carrie working on her multi-colored towel warp.

Carrie with her finished towels and a piece of overshot.

Debbie working on her houndstooth towels.

Leisa makes progress on her cotton towels.

Kathy pleased with the throw for her son's wedding.

The finished products!

And the back side....

Lora with her houndstooth warp.

Lemuel cutting off his throw.

Lem's wife Jessie cutting off her throw.

The happy couple!