Sunday, October 16, 2016

Summer 2016 Highlights

We had a very exciting and full summer this year with incredible weather for all of our outdoor workshops but a bit too much heat for our indoor ones! At any rate, here is a small showing of some of our more memorable moments!
Jolie Lerner's beautiful Alpaca rugs from locally grown Alpaca.

Caroline Ridout took a week off from being the head chef on the
Maine Schooner - Stephen Taber - to come weave dishtowels.

Jill & Jonny Magi came all the way from the United Arab Emirates
to learn to weave so that they could go back and teach their
Jonny with his cotton sampler.
Elena Hovey was back for a third time this year to weave a wool throw.

Melissa Goetz proudly showing the processed flax from
the Flax Intensive.

Collecting Japanese Indigo for Joann Darlings - Meadows and
Hedgerows dye class.

Mary Lycan's wool throw.
Kathryn Wojciechowski working on overshot.

From our Indigo and Madder Intensive -
Red & Blue
Jane Quimby - Shibori Instructor
Some of the indigo shibori
Some of the madder printing.
Happy weavers from the 19th c. Household Textiles workshop.
The happy dyers from Joann Darlings Mushroom class.

Deborah Livingston Lowe tying up the Draw loom.
Justin unloading the Jacquard head.

Jim Colgan raising the head to rest on the supporting beams.

Marina Contro and Dosia Sanford attaching the harness.