Monday, May 5, 2014

A postscript to April students…..

Last week we had two new students come to finish out the month of April…..longtime friends - Holly Prentice from MA and Eloise Young from Ohio. They decided to spend four days at the school as a way to spend their vacation together and do some weaving at the same time. Holly first project was a wool/alpaca throw and since her loom at home is narrow she wanted to try something wide on the barn loom. Eloise also has a narrow loom at home and wanted to try something more complex thus her choice of an overshot rug. She ended up finishing two rugs and a dishtowel warp to take with her and Holly wove her throw, wove two dishtowels and also made a warp to take home. They made very good use of their time here and had many good memories to take home with them as well. We hope to see both of them back again in the future!
Holly doing the downward facing shuttle catch pose.

Eloise weaving her overshot rug.

Holly wondering why she can't get anymore of a shed!

Holly's finished wool/alpaca throw.

Holly making a dishtowel warp to take home.

Eloise winding off the weft for her second overshot rug.

Eloise's finished overshot rugs.

Two very happy weavers!