Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Draft Book of John Hargrove - 1792…..focus on clothing fabrics.

Our second Master Class of the year was to study in depth some of the drafts from the book of John Hargrove   that were used for clothing. We had five looms set up with different drafts and the plan was for each student to weave a length of fabric and then share some with the rest of the group for the sample book.  As things turned out two of our participants had to cancel so that left only Anne Low, former student from Vancover, to weave all the samples herself!  Dosia, Lynnette and Ada also pitched in for some loom time and in the end of the day we had some beautiful fabrics to illustrate these unique drafts.  All were woven out of materials that would have been close to the fabrics of the period ….very fine cotton - 30/2 and 50/2 - fine worsted and a singles cotton.  Anne even valiantly tried to "Nap" our fustian sample as it would have been done in the 18th c.  We hope to continue sampling Hargrove's drafts in the future so stay tuned!
Getting ready to dive into John Hargrove's Draft Book.

Anne weaving of the 8 S Counter Balance fabric -
"Lillipution Stuff"

Close up of Lillipution Stuff - 2/20 Worsted Wool

6 Shaft Dimity

Anne weaving the Dimity on the Cranbrook.
4 Shaft Ducape in 60/2 silk
10 Shaft Rodney's Cable & Cord in  36/2
natural dyed cotton
The 10 Shafts on one of our barn frame looms.
Anne "napping" the Ticksett & Velverett
Before (on the right) and After napping the Thicksett
The Dimity and Lillipution Stuff as finished yardage