Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Exploring the wonders of 3 Shafts - Krokbrag

Last week - July 6 - 10, we took a break from our summer sabbatical to host five students who wanted to focus on weaving Krokbrag (4) and Summer Blanket/Winter Sheets (1). Three of them were former alumni from NH - Tricia Jenkins, Mimi Jost and Suzi Beers and the other two were also former alumni - Betty Larsen, from Marshfield and her daughter, Kristina from San Francisco. We hadn't hosted a Krokbrag workshop in a few years so we were excited to teach this again and try out some of our different methods for tieing up 3 Shafts. Needless to say, all the rugs were gorgeous and all our tie up methods worked wonderfully.  Our lone summer blanket weaver, Suzi, made a fabulous piece as well, and it was a great week for all!
Lynnette and Suzi consulting on a summer blanket pattern.

Justin starting Mimi on her Krokbrag linen warp.

Tricia, Betty and Kristina hard at work threading their rugs.

Kristina contemplating the next design option.
Betty color coordinated with her rug!
Tricia's use of odds and ends yarn made a very pleasing color
Mimi's variation on the "green" theme.
Suzi making sure that her stripes are matching up.
Three Shaft tie -up #1 - triangles.
Three Shaft tie-up #2 - heddle horses.
Three Shaft tie-up #3 - Roller bars.
Three Shaft tie-up #4 - Pulleys.
Suzi's finished summer blanket/winter sheet.
Mimi's finished rug.

Detail of Mimi's rug.
Tricia's finished rug.

Detail of Tricia's rug.
Kristina's finished rug.
Betty's finished rug.
The work of a weeks weaving!