Sunday, April 22, 2012

A very Special Robe

A few weeks ago on a cold, windy April day Kate hosted an indigo dyeing day for the creation of a very special robe.
 Our student, Taylore, who lives next to the Zen temple - Shao Shen -in Woodbury, was approached by Taihaku, the zen priest there about doing some indigo dyeing here.
She is going to be involved in a very special ceremony - The Mountain Seat Ceremony - in September 2013 and the sangat at Shao Shen, under the direction of Donna O'Malley, is going to create for her the ceremonial robe.  It is a community effort of many hands doing the garment construction and sewing all with mindful prayers in the process. We were honored to be a part of this effort in the dyeing of the fabric for the lining and the appliqued pieces for the outside.

           Taylore getting the fabrics ready for the dye vat.

            The washed linen fabrics.

                First dip of the main piece.

              Donna dipping some of the silk sash fabrics.

   Donna and Taihaku checking the color outside on the line.

                                            The finished silk fabric.

              Taylore at the dye vat waiting for the fabrics to oxidize.

Donna rinsing out the silk.

Taihaku checking on the fabrics drying the cold wind!

Donna's grand-daughter, Miel, helping!