Sunday, September 29, 2013

Norman's 80th Birthday!!

Norman making his famous Colchannon for the potluck.

Dale and Norman.

This is how it's done....

The party for the Scotsman is here....

Bruce Engebretson, Martin Castonguay and Suzi Smith

Mary & Steve Hays with Stevie Spencer

Norman and Leda Schubert

Norman and Annie Weaver with the Farnhams in the background.

Kate welcoming every one to the party.

Jules Rabin and Tim Jennings, piper.

Norman and of his first apprentices at Williamsburg.

Fred Rainey, another Williamsburg apprentice, who surprised
Norman by coming in from Australia.

Ed Burke, David and Joe Crosier.

Fred, Norman and Ed.

David Ebert, Craig Evans and Fred.

John Morecock and Craig Evans.

Suzi, Norman and Shirley Walker.

Norman's former students!

Norman with Phyllis Detwiler and Michelle Arsenault, who came up
from the Cape.

Neighbors, Lee & Bob Light.

Rick Winston, Ellie Blachly and Kathy Light.

Waulking the first piece of tweed.

Norman's request for all male weavers for this song.

Kent and Bob from Santa Fe.

Bob, Chet, Peter and Kent.

Neighbors, Chet and Viiu.

Michelle and Zoe.

Waulking Rose's tweed.

Debra and Olivia.

One of the birthday cakes by Laurie Lipp.

The other cake by Stevie Spencer.

Debra singing a song she wrote about Norman.

John and Polly Connell with Stevie...singing Happy Birthday!

Norman and Jean Dickinson.

Norman and Daryl Hotchkiss.

Laurie Lipp, Chet Cole and Alison Evans.

Rose Diamond.

Joe Crosier and Dale Linder.

Pete Sutherland and Rose.

Norman singing.

Henry Chapin calling a dance.

Norman and Laurie Lipp.

Ernie Hathaway.

Susie, Shirley and George Walker.

Linden and Randy Weiss.

Norman and Viiu.