Sunday, November 23, 2014

November projects….

November was a quiet month at the school but there were still wonderful projects that came off the looms. We also had two waulkings, thanks to Norman, which was a nice way to spend a few afternoons when the weather was cold and stormy outside.  The first was for our 13 year old apprentice, Ada Schenk, who wove a piece of tweed for a jacket and the other was for Norman's friend Weldon, who came all the way out from Colorado to weave a Scottish wedding blanket.  Weldon also wove a piece of fine linen for shirting and all is just two weeks!
Our neighbor and Shibori instructor, Jane Quimby, was here to try weaving for the first time on a length of dishtowels and our monthly student, Sandra Robinson also wove a warp of towels for our dishtowel exhibit - "Celebrating the Dishtowel".  Another of our montly students, Jerusha Fox, finished her length of tweed and Susan Osterman wove a warp of Venetian carpeting for two of her children who are getting married this year.
Stay tuned for our next blog on the infamous dishtowel exhibit!

Jane Quimby working on a dishtowel warp.
Jane cutting off her towels.
The finished warp.
Sandra's dishtowels for the dishtowel exhibit.
Melanie Viet and son Ezra here to waulk Ada's tweed.

Waulking Ada's tweed. 
Ada, mom Melanie, and Ezra.
Rolling up the finished tweed.
Jerusha Fox with her tweed just off the loom.
Susan's warp faced carpet warp.
Weldon weaving his Scottish wedding blanket.
Another waulking of Weldon's double bed blanket.
Norman and Weldon with the finished blanket.