Sunday, March 1, 2015

It's been a busy month at MSW!

Well despite the frigid temperatures and snow storm after snow storm, we have had an unbelievably busy and productive February. Every loom was full and as you can see below in the photos, lots of beautiful projects were woven. Our most exciting news is that we are now exploring warp painting, thanks to Dosia Sanford's impetus and although we still have alot to learn we are making some headway. Her second project was much more successful then the first and after a brief time away in March, she will come back to pursue more painting on fine wool. Stay tuned. We had three new students join us - Emily Falta from Cabot, Nancy Hart from Tunbridge and Karen Parsons from PA. Along with our monthly regulars we had an old former student - Sue Cain - return after 30 years and another former student - Taylore Grymonnt - came to weave throws. Our new work study student - Lesley Finneran from NYC finished her first month and will be staying on for a second month to complete more of the Dowry Textiles. Quite a busy month!
Taylore Grymonnt was back this month to weave throws and baby blankets.
The finished throws in Taylore's unique style of multi-colored stripes.
Sue Carpenter moved on from being our Eaton Hill trim weaver to doing some cotton
napkins for herself.
Close-up of the fabric.
Or they might also make a nice scarf!
Neighbor Emily Falta was here to weave her first wool throw.
Karen Parsons drove all the way from Pittsburgh to weave a wool throw
and a set of Summer-Winter placemats….in one week!
Our second work study student of the winter - Lesley Finneran -
weaving cotton towels.
Lesley is working on Dowry textiles as her focus and here is her
finished summer blanket/winter sheet.
One of our busy Monday lunchs!
Rose Diamond stopped by one day to show off her handspun, handwoven,
hand sewn tweed coat…and matching hat!
Sandra, Susan and Lesley checking out Lesley's overshot fabric.
Dosia and Lesley setting up our first painted warp.
The painted design for Dosia's rug.
Weaving the warp painted rug.
Dosia's second project for a 10/2 cotton shawl.
Detail of the set up.
The finished piece….not too bad for a second attempt.
Nancy Hart over from Tunbridge weaving cotton towels.
And former student from 30 years ago - Sue Cain - weaving M's & O's linen.