Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feburary = Cabin Fever

January 2014 was a long month….it felt like it was never going to end. We've been spared alot of snow this year thus far but the cold has been relentless. Minus zero almost every morning….day after day after day. Despite the weather,things are still going full steam ahead here at MSW and EHTW and some of us feel our creative urges accelerate when the weather is dismal. We've not had many new students thus far this year but Marina Contro from Booklyn came back for a week and our locals have been as busy as ever. Some of them have been moved to indulge the ridiculous…especially when it comes to their warps! Kate's method of dealing with cabin fever was to start a new building project over at her barn. It started out as a simple renovation of an adjacent studio space but has ended up being a major add on with kitchen, bathroom and a large new studio. Work has begun in earnest and hopefully our first long term student in May will be able to take advantage of it!
Susan's solution to cabin fever.

Details of Susan's sweater.

Marina's warp of rayon and linen for a piece of shirt fabric.

Marina doing her "Brunhilda" impersonation.

Justin with his 20 yards of cotton ….looking a little like Marie Antionette.

Jan Gendreau….our new monthly student…as "Little Red Riding Hood" …with her red cotton warp for napkins.

Rose Diamond channeling the "Tin Man" with her black worsted warp.

Lynnette decided to try on being a mummy with 24 yds of linen warp.
Justin sewing together his January weaving project - a pair of double bed blankets.

Rose weaving her black worsted with handspun black alpaca.

The Monday lunch crowd helping Norman waulk Justin's blanket.

Rolling up Justin's finished blanket.

The new studio…..before!

It's nice to employ the neighbors.
The outside of the new studio space.