Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zoe in India!

Our dyeing and printing colleague, Zoe Sheehan Saldana, is spending a month in India while on her winter sabbatical from teaching. Her goal was to visit as many sites in India where hand printing was still practiced and if possible participate in some actual hands-ons printing lessons.  We've been keeping abreast of Zoe and her travels through Facebook and so mostly this will be just a pictorial sketch of some of what she has been seeing.  We'll expect a full report for another blog when she returns and we look forward to some exciting new printing classes this summer as a result of her experiences in India!
A day at the beach …India style.
Mandvi, India.
The results of a day of block printing at Bagru Textiles….notice scraped knuckles!

Shri Dawood and his prize winning bandhani saree.  He spent one year just tying the knots.
Mudra, India.

The finished piece…extraordinary!
Bandhani at the Mangalya Heritage Sarees .
Ahmedabad, India.

Close-up of Mangalya Saree's.

A piece of fabric mordanted and ready for the indigo vat.

Rugs woven with camel hair.

Firoz Manek and Zoe.
Enjoying Biryani with the Mizra family.
Ashraf Mizra and daughter …and Zoe.