Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weaving our way through the March that would never end….

The first photo say's it all….more and more snow and more and more cold. But that didn't deter the valiant students who came despite the storms outside to weave some amazing projects this month. Starting off was former student Marina Contro who came up to try her hand at dyeing and to work on an idea that she had of creating a large check with four shades of the same color. She and Justin spent a day or two over the dye pots and then three beautiful throws and a large scarf were proof that this idea was a winner. The next adventure was the return of former student - Ed Burke and his partner, David - who came to weave the Scottish Wedding blanket for their wedding this August. It had been over 30 years since Ed sat at a loom….and David's first time ever…..but with Norman's help they wove off the 6 yards necessary for a full sized blanket. March was also the month for overshot projects and Lesley, our winter work study student started off with a warp for pillows that then inspired by Stevie and Linda to try their hands at it as well. And then there was Jane Quimby who is never content to do anything "normal" and she decided to try her hand at ikat dyeing a cotton warp, painting the weft yarns and then weaving it in an M's & O's pattern. The effect was quite stunning and there will be more photos next month and she tries another warp in this technique.  Stay tuned….and here's hoping that the snow will be melted by May!
Justin and Marina with some of her dyed yarn….amidst the snow piles!

Starting the first warp.

One of the finished throws.

The scarf warp.

Norman helping Ed and David dress the loom for their wedding blanket.
Beaming on the warp - Norman and Ed.
Beaming on - David.
Norman and David getting ready to start the threading.
Ed weaving…after a 35 year break!
Sandra and Lesley admiring her overshot warp.
Karen's finished rag rugs.
Linda's over shot runner for her daughter's wedding.

Stevie's overshot runner.
Jane tieing up her warp for ikat dyeing.
The tied warp.
The dyed warp and painted wefts.
One of the finished scarves.