Friday, January 14, 2011

Carpets for Winter

Silas Burton carpets

Silas Burton carpet woven by Kate Smith

warp-faced carpet woven by Susan Osterman

a run of small carpets woven by Lynnette for our holiday studio sale

indigo venetian carpet woven by Lynnette for one of our Eaton Hill clients

detail of the indigo carpet still on the loom - very luscious underfoot

Izzy helping Deb Livingston measure her hand-dyed ikat stair runner, fresh off the loom

Warp-faced carpeting is one of the favorite projects woven by students here at the school, and because it is a plain weave it is one that beginning students can weave without too much difficulty. The most complicated part of the process is actually in the design work and warping but once it's on the loom the weaving is pretty straightforward. Most of our carpets these days are all hand-dyed from a beautiful custom spun 2 ply English long wool yarn. Our friends at Jagger Brothers in Maine did the spinning of this yarn from imported English wool and the result is a yarn that takes the dye well and holds up famously for carpets.  We use either a cotton or linen filler for the weft.

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