Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sashes, Belts & Hammocks....

It's been a quiet month here at MSW .....not much new work and no new students .....so it was a perfect time to explore some new weaving techniques.  Zoe has become interested in the hand manipulated technique of sprang and decided that she wanted to weave her very own hammock.  After a few small samplings she built herself a frame and warped it up for a full sized hammock.  Not to be outdone, Norman
then brought out some of his hand manipulated weavings most notably his work on the French Canadian
trading sashes - "Ceinture Flechee's".  These sashes are woven with the warp as the weft in incredibly beautiful and complex patterns.  Anyone interested in a class on these or in making your own hammock???

Zoe's frame for her sprang woven hammock.

Norman showing Zoe his collection of hand manipulated belts and sashes.
Two  Ceinture Flechee'....one made by Norman on left and another made in Quebec.

Detail of Quebecoise made Ceinture Flechee'

A fitting way to celebrate the end of the month...Zoe's 4oth Birthday....
Zoe's Birthday lunch!

Opening presents......

Her own copy of Norman's new DVD!

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