Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mid Febuary Goings On.....

It has been a very busy February after a quiet January and it was great to have the looms all filled up again and new projects coming off.  Besides the regulars of Stevie, Sandra, Susan and Pat, we were joined by Ginny Kern as a new monthly student.  Rose Diamond was also back for the month to finish her time from the Vt Folklife Grant to work on carpet techniques.  She choose some ambitious projects which you can see photos of below.  On the new student front, we had our neighbor Dang - who runs a Thai restaurant in Montpelier with her husband (and is also the daughter-in-law of famous illustrator - Mary Azarian) come to learn to weave on a barn frame loom with wool.  Dang grew up in Thailand watching her mother weave on a back strap type loom using different cellulosic fibers and fine cotton so this was a very different experience for her.   Next to arrive was Michele Goldman from Orono, Maine who made a beautiful striped warp of 8/2 cotton and took home a small rug loom that belonged to Sandra. Last week we hand another Miane-ite....Madeline Owen and her boyfriend, Dylan, who are running a CSA garden outside of Camden.  Madeline wove a beautiful throw and a scarf for Dylan...all in 5 days!  Stayed tuned for what's in store for March as the clothing fabrics challenge begins to take shape!
Stevie weaving a log cabin throw that she dyed the gold and red for.

Detail of Stevie's throw.

Susan ironing her double bed blanket woven from 3/8 Jagger Spun.

Susan starting a new warp of cotolin napkins.

Sandra weaving a luminous red cotton warp of M's &O's dishtowels.
Ginny with her finished 3/8 Jagger spun throw.

Ginny's cotton baby blanket in a sweet overshot pattern.

Dang finishing her Jagger Spun wool throw.

Michele Goldman, a new student from Maine, weaving cotton dishtowels.

Detail of Michele's towels.

Another new student from Maine....Madeline Owen weaving her 3/8 Jagger Spun throw.

Rose with her rag rug warp of wool.

Close-up of Rose's rag rug.

Rose's finished rag rug warp!
Rose designing her warp faced carpet.

Rose beaming on the warp faced had been a long day.

Ellie playing hooky from upholstering to finish a sweater.

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