Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Quiet of November......

November is here and the pace of life has certainly slowed down.  We've had no new students for three weeks now but our regulars are busy finishing up projects and getting ready for the Christmas sale.  Eaton Hill has also had a brief reprieve so we  have had time to catch up from the busy summer and fall and weave some dishtowels ourselves!  Here are a few of the things on the looms at the moment....and in the upholstery shed.  Stayed tuned for a newsletter coming your way in a few last!

Cotton Baby Blankets

Alpaca Silk & Chenille Scarves

Cotton Worsted Trim for the next upholstery project.

Sandra's weft face rug.

Susan's Wool Silk Scarves in M's & O's.

Worsted upholstery fabric.

The start of our dishtowel inventory!

The current upholstery project (by Ellie) with our handwoven worsted wool in a herringbone.

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