Saturday, November 17, 2012

Joann Darling grows some flax!

This fall our student Joann Darling was honored with a grant from the Vermont Folklife Center to document the process of growing a field of flax and processing it all the way through to a piece of woven cloth. It was a very ambitious undertaking and we were happy and excited to share our knowledge of flax production with her. In the early spring Joann readied one of the fields on her farm and sowed it was a rare variety of flax. The summer weather was perfect for growing this year and by late August the field was ready for harvesting. A group of willing volunteers arrived to help with the pulling and the first stage of the process had begun. We'll keep you posted on how things progress!
The flax field.

Isn't it beautiful!

The bundler's.
Joann with her harvest.

Two of the happy harvester's.

Breaking the flax.
Grand-daughter, Lily, with one of the flax bundles.

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