Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our first winter work study student - Kristen Rosser

We started off our winter season of work study students with Kristen Rosser form Phila., PA. She was a recent graduate of Tyler Art School in Philadelphia, looking to hone her textile skills. It wasn't until some weeks into the session that we found out how Kristen makes a living - shearing sheep….and what she likes to do in her spare time - swing dancing! For her project focus, Kristen decided to explore different clothing fabrics that she could sew with and she started out with a beautiful piece of Scottish style tweed. She then moved on to a 5 Shaft Cotton Spot Weave and then finished up with a fine cotton shirt fabric in four beautiful colors. In between all those, she also hand dyed some wool gleaned from her shearing jobs and wove a warp of a three color twill. All in all, a very productive four weeks!
Kristen threading her Spot Weave.

Winding Bobbins.

Justin and Kristen tying up the Spot Weave.

The fabric!

Cutting off the finished fabric.

The hand dyed yarn for the throws.
The finished throws.
16/2 Cotton Shirt Fabric.
Getting started on the Shirt Fabric.
Close- up of the Shirt Fabric.
How Kristen makes her living!

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