Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 2014 - Indigo Intensive

This summer's Indigo Intensive was another successful four days of exploring the many facets of Indigo Dyeing. We were joined by Jean Hosford from Michigan, Lisa Bertoldi from Massachusetts and Jane Quimby from New Hampshire. Jane also taught the Shibori section of the class on Tuesday. On day one,  Zoe introduced the group to the six different vats that we would be using over the next four days - the Copperas Vat, the Zinc Lime Vat, the Thiox Vat and three different fermentation vats - Fructose, Wood Ash and Urine Vats. We then proceeded to dye a variety of wool, cotton, linen and silk samples in each vat to compare which vat worked best on each. Day two was a thrilling day of seeing what incredible effects could be achieved on cotton fabric using the different clamping, stitching, and folding techniques. On day three Zoe presented the different methods of resist printing….using blocks, stencils and silk screens and on day four students were able to spend the whole day working on whatever took their fancy!

Jean Hosford getting samples ready for her vat.

Jane Quimby checking the Thiox Vat.

Lisa Bertoldi helping Jean with the Copperas Vat.

Samples of dyed silk and some shibori.

More samples...

Close-ups of samples from the Zinc Lime Vat.

Shibori samples.

More Shirbori…..

And some more….

Zoe at the end of a good day!
Zoe and Jean getting ready for the block printing.
Zoe demonstrating how to set the block.
With just the right thump of the hand….
Jean giving it a go.
Trying out one of the small repeat patterns.
Lisa working with another small repeat.
Jean creating a design of her own!

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