Friday, March 9, 2012

A Bit of Mary Hays' Recent Work

the rust/purple throw

the blue shawl

the blue shawl on a body

Mary Hays just sent us a few photographs of a few things she's been working on...the first is a lovely twill plaid throw in rust and purple that she wove for one of her daughters. She says that she ran out of weft on that one because she didn't realize how high her pick count had been while she was weaving away, which always seems to be one of those things that Kate reminds all of us to attend to, both in our project planning and in the weaving. It can seem like a nuisance to have to keep track of while I'm weaving, but doing that over time has helped me to become more consistent and aware in my weaving. Such a gorgeous throw, Mary! I love your color and design choices here. {Lucky daughter you have.}

The second piece is a blue shawl, made for a tall woman {at 32" x 81" plus fringe, it's long and voluminous on petite Mary, who donned it so we could see the drape and the overall size of the work}. It sounds like she's been experimenting with different shuttles...she used an end-delivery shuttle for the blue shawl and found it worked very well with a light and airy beat, to make a fabric with a nice "hand" that would drape well on the body. We use end-delivery shuttles here at the school because it's possible to regulate the tension on the yarn as it pays out of the shuttle, which is a great help in keeping tidy selvedges and even filler. They are expensive, but they seem to be an indispensable tool to us in our quest for economy in handweaving.

Beautiful work, Mary...are you coming to lunch soon?

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