Friday, November 11, 2011

Sylvia's Carpet

Sylvia threading up

weaving with a sword and a ski shuttle

the eggplant accent really was perfect

Sylvia came back for another week of study this year, this time to work on a rep weave carpet in the style of Silas Burton. Her first day was spent designing the warp and planning her project...winding the spools for warping in stripes off a spool rack, and then building her warp. Day Two found her beaming on to her loom, and beginning the threading.

The rest of the week she was busy weaving...learning how to work with the sword and the ski shuttle, to really pack those picks in and make a nice dense rug. She finished up on Saturday.

Don't you think her carpet is stunning? I thought the eggplant accent was the tiny bit that really pulled her whole color scheme together. It's subtle, but it really sets everything off in a way that makes her piece look rich and deep. We all thought it was a rather stunning piece of work.

We look forward to your next visit, Sylvia!


  1. The carpet is gorgeous! I wonder if you would tell us what the warp and weft materials are?

  2. Hi Joanna. The weft was WEBS 8/6 linen. The warp was Henry's Attic 2-ply Crown Colony.

  3. Thanks! It is absolutely gorgeous. I very much like the 'fineness' of the threads and the tight and tidy weave. I'll bet that carpet becomes an heirloom.

  4. Joanna, I'll bet you're right...that carpet WILL become a treasure.