Friday, October 14, 2011

2012 Weaving Class Calendar

OK! Autumn is really here and we've been working hard to develop our curriculum. Here's the new schedule for our 2012 Weaving Class Calendar. We're trying something a bit different beginning in January - “Theme Weeks” - so that students can choose from a wider range of topics in any given week. We will offer these theme weeks two weeks out of the month and the beginning and intermediate classes on the other two weeks.

And just know that while we always set a date for each theme, mostly because we've found that it helps people to organize their own schedule and a commitment to attending, we can be flexible about it. For instance, if the course you wanted to take is posted for a certain week, but you can't attend during that week, you can schedule the course you want to take for a week that you can attend. We always try to accommodate your scheduling needs.

I've also installed a link to this schedule in the sidebar so that students can refer to this throughout the year without having to dig through the archives to find it. If you have any questions, please comment, call us, or send us an email.

Jan. 9 - 13
Clothing Fabrics Week: Scottish Tweed; Herringbone, Checks & Houndstooth

Jan. 23 - 27
Linen Week: Singles Linen, Spot Weaves, Checked Linen

Feb. 6 - 10
Warp Faced Carpet Week: 4 Block Rep Weaves, Venetian Carpet, Ikat Dyed Jaspe Rugs

Feb. 20 - 24
Household Textile Week:
Fancy Bedcover, Shaker Towels, Fabrics for the Kitchen and Pantry

March 12 - 16
Clothing Fabrics Week: Singles Linen, Striped Linen, Cotton Checks

March 26 - 30
Weft Faced Carpet Week: Krokbragd, Khilim Tapestry, Rag Rugs

April 9 - 13
Rio Grande Weaving: Rio Grande Blanket, Rio Grande Rugs

April 23 - 27
L’Amour de Maman - French Canadian Dowry Textiles:
Couverture d’Mariage, Ikat Dyed Jaspe Rugs

May 7 - 11
Upholstery Fabric Week: Harateens & Moreen, Plain & Striped Rep Weave

May 21 - 25
18th C. Clothing Fabric Week:
Calimanco & Camlet, Siamoise, Cherryderry, Irish Stuff, Bombazine, Ducapes, Gros de Tours

June 11 - 15
Clothing Fabric in 2/1 & 3/1 Twill Week:
Bombazine, Tickings, Dimity, and Denim Cloth

June 23 & 24
Natural Dyeing with Wool & Silk

June 25 - 29
Weaving From Historic Draft Books Week: Venetian Carpets by Silas Burton, Dimities & Diapers from John Hargrove, Point Twills from German Draft Books

July 9 - 13
Silk Week: Ikat Dyed Scarves, Irish Stuff & Bombazine, Cherry Derry & Ducape

July 21 & 22
Natural Dyeing with Cotton & Linen

July 23 - 27
Linen Week: Singles Linen, Spot Weave, Checked Linen

August 4 & 5
Indigo Dye Intensive: Block Printing, Paste Resists, & Shibori

August 6 - 10
Stripes: Calimanco, Siamoises, Striped Moreens

August 20 - 24
MultiHarness Week:
Point Twills from German Draft Books, Satin Weaves, Luxury Fiber Throws

September 1 & 2
Dyeing with Local Plants

Sept. 3 - 7
Rio Grande Weaving Week: Rio Grande Blanket, Rio Grande Rugs

Sept. 17 - 21
L’Amour de Maman - French Canadian Dowry Textiles:
Couverture d’Mariage, Ikat Dyed Jaspe Rugs

Oct. 1 - 5
Household Textiles Week - Bedding:
Fancy Bedcovers, Overshot Coverlet, Scottish Wedding Blanket

Oct. 15 - 19
Clothing Fabric Week: Scottish Tweed, Herringbone, Checks & Houndstooth

Nov. 5 - 9
Household Textile Week - Towels: Shaker Towels, Hucks & M’s & O’s, Dimities & Diapers

Nov. 26 - 30
Warp Faced Carpet Week: Khilim Tapestry, 4 Block Rep, Rag Rugs

Dec. 3 - 7
Weaving Dishtowels & Scarves for Christmas

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