Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ginger Sisters, by Lila

In the first week of September, a tragedy struck the weaving studio: the beloved kitten Isabella disappeared. After she did not return for a few days, we all assumed the worst, and grieved for her death.
She was gone for a good week, and then Norman found her outside of the weaving studio one morning, with a broken hip. Every one was very relieved she was alive, though she was skinny and very...battered-looking. And we didn't know what to do about her broken hip.
Eventually it was decided to let her hip heal on its own and hope for the best. The first week she was back we were not supposed to pick her up, in case it hurt her hip. Whenever I would sit down on the floor, Izzy would find me and curl up on my lap. I think I spent most of the day with one, sometimes two, cats on my lap. Rosie was very glad to have her sister back.
It has been a month or so, and Izzy is now doing fine. She is much smaller than her sister, Rosie, who has grown tremendously, but she will hopefully catch up soon.
Last week, Izzy climbed up onto the ceiling beams. Everyone was quite impressed, even if she did need help getting down.
Later on, Rosie climbed the ceiling beam as well, not to be out-done by her sister. She got stuck up on the beam, and no one took pity on her like her sister and rescued her. Eventually she figured out how to get down: the way she got up.
Izzy is now doing fine, and she is mostly back to her normal, insane self.
Currently she has curled up on my lap, and a moment ago she was trying to eat my earring.
Rosie is doing great as well. She is more independent than Izzy, but she is still very lovable. She was distraught all the while Izzy was gone.
Life is good once again for the ginger sisters.

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