Saturday, February 25, 2012

Penny's Third Week

Penny taking the first half of her blanket off the loom

Penny's unerringly classic sense of design

Penny's venetian carpet finished and off the loom

We had a really wonderful time working with Penny during her three week stay. She's such a truly authentic person, and a delight to spend time with, for she has many interesting stories to tell of her adventures in life, and has a lively frontier spirit and a wit to match it! It really feels like you are a part of our weaving family here, Penny.

So here's her carpet, all finished up...she has such a feeling for traditional colorways that are easy on the eyes and comfortable to live with, in that they will settle into any environment and become part of it, a gentle presence, much like Penny herself.

During her third week she wove off a blanket for a traditional trundle bed, in ivory and indigo single-ply wool processed by Green Mountain Spinnery. It was the closest thing Kate could find to what this kind of traditional twill blanket would have been made with, and while it was a bit of a challenge to work (springy, sticky, and a bit easier to break than the plied worsteds), Penny managed admirably, and finished the whole thing in a week, a testament to her perseverance and patience (not to mention her great desire to have a blanket!).

Come back soon, Penny. We miss you already.

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