Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I'm as happy as a tick on a dog" quoted by Penny Scroggins on her stay here at the school.

Our long term student this winter is Penny Scroggins who has come all the way from Fredericksburg, Texas to brave the Vermont winter and weave three projects for her 18th c. log home. Last fall when she was here for a week, Penny made a dishtowel warp for a gold and black houndstooth and that was the first thing that we put on the loom. Penny has a fabulous collection of 18th c. furniture and she wants to weave cloth that compliments her collection.

Here is the finished warp of eight towels.

The next project was a Venetian carpet to go in her living room and we decided to use our new "Broadview Farm" carpet yarn for this rug and to dye it in five different colors. Winding the skeins is the first step.

Penny wants to learn all the processes involved in making this carpet so she jumped right in to help with the dyeing.

The finished warp on the scale.

Her beautiful carpet finally on the loom. Stayed tuned next week for the final project!

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