Friday, October 21, 2011

Overshot and Stripes

Gail's overshot on the loom

Linda's warp - so colorful!

Linda's striped moreen on the loom

Linda weaving with the skarne in the background

Gail and Linda were here last week, both of them working on some pretty intensive projects.

Gail came up from Newburyport, MA to learn about overshot and weave a small piece to get the hang of things so she can try the same thing on her own loom at home. She chose the Mary Ann Ostrander pattern from the Green Book, and it's a beauty! Our method of warping using a skarne (spool rack for multiple spools) was new to her, so she had this to learn as well as overshot threading and weaving. It was a lot of work for five days.

Linda came from Youngstown, OH to learn about warping with multiple spools to weave a length of striped moreen. It's an incredibly challenging thing to learn, as you must manage picking a cross with many different colors coming off the spools. The visual depth perception of this process is tricky, and the fine 2's/20 worsted is somewhat sticky and difficult to work with. At the end of the week her fabric was gorgeous, though, and worth all the effort of the warp-building.

Definitely not work for the faint of heart! These were two very determined students.

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