Friday, October 28, 2011

Netra and Patricia's Annual Autumn Visit

Netra working on her blankets

Patricia at the loom

the Krokbragd rug on the loom

the triangles we used to run the three harness set-up

This week we had two longtime students weaving in the barn. They always come together for a week of weaving in October; they choose their projects well in advance and pay the extra fee to have us wind their warps and dress their looms, so they can just arrive (Patricia drives up from Virginia And Netra from north central Pennsylvania) and begin weaving right away.

In this case it's a good thing. Netra's project is a long warp to weave the fabric for two twin bed blankets...a twelve yard warp! So she's been really busy weaving her straight 2/2 twill block in navy and edelweiss 8/3 wool. It's classic Scottish Wedding Blanket stuff and very beautiful.

Patricia decided to weave a krokbragd rug. It's set up with three harnesses (using triangles instead of a rollerbar or pulleys). It has a heavy linen carpet warp, and a weft of New Zealand wool (about 570 yds per pound). It's slow going, because it's beaten in pretty well, and she's carrying two, sometimes three, colors at once on ski shuttles.

This is Patricia's ninth annual week with us and it's Netra's eleventh! We love having them back every year and we always know it's October when we get to spend our week with them...both delightful women with much collective weaving experience and life wisdom.


  1. Thanks Alison, it was a great week for us. Did you get any photos of the right side of the rug? I have posted on my facebook the school's blog and recommended it to all my family and friends!

  2. Thanks for featuring my friends on your blog. I've been hearing about your school from Netra for every one of those eleven years!

  3. Hi Patricia...I just posted two photographs of your rug at the end of this week's post. You'll be able to see it tomorrow when it goes live at 8A.
    It was so great having you two here. I'm so happy it actually happened on a week when I wasn't away and that I had the chance to be with you more! So good to have been able to spend more time together.

  4. Hello, friend of Netra's! Thanks for stopping by to read the post. We love having them here. They are such committed weavers, interesting people, and sweet sweet women.