Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This fall was a busy few months  of former students returning to help celebrate our 40th year anniversary.  First to arrive was Hilarie Bleavins from North Carolina who had come last year with her mother, Chris Barber, for the first time.  Chris accompanied Hilarie again this year but chose not to weave but just work on her book and visit us in the studio.  Hilarie wove a very large wool checked throw and a warp of dishtowels in the 5 days that she was here.

Next of our former students to return were Lem and Jessie Hudson from Delaware as it is always such a delight to have them here.  Lem decided to try his hand at rag rugs and specifically wanted to learn the technique of creating arrows in the weft by twining two different color rags.  Jessie was keen to continue her love of overshot but to branch out into a new fiber - linen.  Both  completed beautiful projects and gave them some new skills.

Our local weavers were back to weave after being away for the summer and Ada's first project was to weave a piece of overshot from the Silas Burton draft book.  Heather Pipino was here from Barre, VT after a few year hiatus and she was eager to try a long linen warp for curtains in a huck pattern.  Tashni Chamberlin from Adamant, VT was our first work study student for the fall and she has been working on dishtowels and some amazing tapestry rugs.
Stay tuned for the next blog of former student, Bill Griffith and what he's been up to for the past 30 years!
Hillarie Bleavin weaving a checked throw.

and then some dishtowels.

Hilarie and Chris with the more then ample throw!

Jessie Hudson back to weave linen overshot.
Lem Hudson cutting rags for rag rugs.
Lem mastering the "arrows".
Close up of the arrows.
Lem & Jessie's final projects.
Heather Pipino weaving a long length of huck linen
for curtains.
Huck Linen.
Tashi weaving weft faced rugs.
Tashni's dishtowels.

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