Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The first week of August saw our 4th annual Indigo Intensive and we had a good crew of four students and three instructors. Justin Squizerro and Zoe Saldana led the first day of setting up the four different vats - Lye/Thiox, Zinc/Lime, Copperas and the old faithful - Urine Vat. The second day Zoe taught resist printing, the third day Jane Quimby was back to teach Shibori and the fourth day was a free day to experiment with all the different surface techniques using all four vat. The students this year came from near and far - Juna Muller from California, Caroline Goddard from RI, Jillian Westfall from GA and Joann Darling from Barre, Vt. The weather ranged from hot and humid to cold and rainy with even a major hailstorm thrown in…but the vats performed remarkably and some great dyeing insued!
Day 1 !

Zoe and Justin explaining the different options
for making an indigo vat.

A little hail storm added to the excitement the first day!

Joann, Caroline and Juna making the samples for each vat.

Caroline and Juna starting the samples.

Justin taking advantage of the warm weather to
dye 12 lbs 2/20 worsted for our job
for the DAR.

From right to left - Zinc/lime vat,  Justin's urine vat
and Kate's urine vat.

Justin with two perfectly reduced stock solutions!

Jane Quimby with the Shibori making equipment.

Some Shibori samples.

Caroline cutting open her stitched Shibori.

More Shibori….

And more...

And more….

And more...

Jillian working with the Bentonite Clay resist past.

Juna using a stencil and silk screen with the Bentonite resist paste.

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