Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall students - 2014

We had the most amazing foliage display this year in Vermont and it was an added blessing to the students who came to weave with us. Some of our old favorites….Lem and Jessie Hudson,from Delaware and Penny Scroggins, from Texas choose this time of year to come get their Vermont weaving/foliage  fix.   Jonathan Miller and his partner, Paula took the train up from NYC so that he could weave a piece of tweed and it turned out that both he and Paula had many friends and acquaintances with Norman. Judy Fox, a returning student from this spring came back to explore overshot by weaving a colorful pair of runners for her house. Kathy Olwell and Debbie LaRosa - returning students from last spring came to weave beautiful throws for children getting married and Debbie Cummings came up from PA with her husband to weave dishtowels and a throw. Our new monthly student, Jerusha Fox, from Burlington wove a bold piece of cotton houndstooth for a skirt and is now working on a piece of tweed for her husband.
Jessie Hudson weaving an overshot rug.

Lemuel Hudson weaving a warp faced carpet.

Jon Miller weaving a length of Scottish tweed.

Detail of Jon's tweed.

Judy Fox weaving an overshot runner.

Back-side of Judy's fabric.

Kathy Olwell and Debbie LaRosa return to weave throws!
Jerusha Fox weaving cotton yardage for a skirt.
One of our last lunch's outside!
Debbie Cummings in a red phase…..throw and dishtowels.
Penny Scroggins, back from Texas, also weaving red …..worsted moreen for upholstery.

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  1. Beautiful work! I love all that red, and the Scottish tweed looks wonderful. As a self-taught weaver, I think classes like these would be such an inspiring experience.