Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Summer Dyeing Memories

We're finally gathering up some photos from the summer dye classes and this batch is from a day of indigo dyeing with Zoe's zinc/lime vat and a Lye Hydrosulfite vat (Thiox Vat). Jane Quimby was here for our Red Dye workshop (more on that later) and she mentionned some of the interesting shibori dyeing that she was doing on her own for making quilts. Another student, Debra Bogart, was interested in dyeing some large pieces of cotton fabric in our indigo vats in shibori technique, so we put the two of them together. It was fascinating to watch Jane create the most amazing patterns using fabric stretched on pvc pipe. Here is a sampling of what they accomplished. Jane will be back next summer to teach her method of shibori during our indigo intensive so check the website for details and dates.
Debra ready with her scoured cotton fabric.

Jane and Debra taking out the first piece from the zinc/lime vat.
Watching the color change from green to blue.

Jane demonstrating her shibori technique of wrapping fabric around a pvc pipe.

Flat rocks holding down the pvc pipes in the Thiox vat.

The fabrics airing.

More of the unique devices that Jane uses to create patterns.

Some of the finished pieces.

A very interesting pattern from one of the pvc tubes.

The results of a fruitfall day of dyeing!

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