Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the words of Garrison Keillor...."it has been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone".  It has been quiet here too as students and staff take most of the week off to get ready to spend the holiday with friends and family.  This year I am here to hold down the fort and to celebrate Thanksgiving on the quiet side and to give thanks for all the bounty that we've been  given for the past year.  Thank you all for making this year so special!
Not too much new going on in the barn but Lynnette is getting ready to weave curtain fabric for the DAR Museum in DC in this lovely blue color.

Alison is weaving some shawls for the studio sale with a wool/silk warp...hand-dyed by yours truly...and chenille for the weft.  They are absolutely lovely!

More of the shawls in a bronze color.

 And a sneak preview of what is going on in the upholstery shed....

This lovely settee arrived a few months ago from one of my client's and we all fell in love with it.  Ellie was excited to get it "undressed" as it's age and provenance were somewhat of a mystery.  We wove the red embossed fabric and trim to match but more on that later.

When Ellie removed the show fabric she found springs...that weren't original to the piece....and some very interesting fibers underneath the fabric.  Here is tow linen used as the first layer of padding.

On the back there was some very old handspun, handwoven linen fabric and some very French looking webbing.

Another great find was this tiny fragment of yellow silk which was probably the original show fabric.
Underneath the tow linen was an even coarser handspun/handwoven linen fabric.

And under that was what appeared to be some kind of dried grass or hay covering matted cow hair.

And underneath that was this hand printed wall paper! Talk about using what one has on hand.

Since uncovering all of these treasures, Ellie has been in touch with a colleague in England about the mysteries of this settee and it is his idea that it is mid 18th c. and very definitely French.  There are many things to research about the original style of upholstery, where it was done, etc. but it is going to be quite an exciting project.  We'll keep you updated about the progress on our Eaton Hill


  1. hello kate,
    Is the wool/silk the size of the jaggerspun 2/18 (5000 ypp)and if so how many EPI in the shawls? Are you using cotton chenelle or rayon? I would like to make one myself!
    Miss you,
    Patricia Rushmore

  2. hi patricia...the wool/silk is the same jagger zephyr, sett is 22 epi. the chenille is rayon.