Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year....and how we spent our Christmas vacation

Happy New Year's greetings to all! After such a busy year here at the school we all decided to take some time off over Christmas to recharge our batteries and to reflect on the past year. It was a well deserved rest and speaking for myself, a wonderful time to just stay at home with my beloved cats and be quiet. The four of us spent alot of time just looking out the windows watching the snow fall down or the turkey's hunt for food. Or sitting by the woodstove drinking tea and reading. No matter what I was doing there was always at least one cat by my was heavenly! And now we are back to work and ready to start another year. Many of you received our latest newsletter with highlights of the past few months and some of our plans for the future. We have lots of exciting classes scheduled with the new twist of theme weeks and the local students have some new projects of their own to dazzle us with. Eaton Hill also will be busy in the next few months as we work on another embossing job and a reproduction piece of calimanco for Colonial Williamsburg. Come spend some time with us this year if you haven't already! There is a charming apartment at my house that is perfect for student use and within walking distance to the school. Thank you all who made last year such a success! Kate

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