Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fancy Bedcover Sample

herself at the loom

checking the hand-dyed yarn to finish the checked blanket

Kate offering some hands-on instruction

the red version on the loom

the brown version

brilliant red

Mary Margaret has been working on her fancy bedcover segment of training for the last week. She seemed to be having a great time threading this intricacy, and has become rather adept at threading fairly complex patterns and double-checking as she goes, the end result being accuracy and fewer mistakes needing correction later on. 

Her warp was a traditional fine cotton, wefts were worsted wool, one section a brilliant fire engine red, the other an elegant espresso brown. She wove a fairly small piece, as fabric to cover pillows with, to be used as a first experience with overshot, just to get an overall feel for the issues with threading and setup, and creating and maintaining the even beat so essential for being able to successfully tackle much larger projects, such as a pieced coverlet. 

She breezed through this project in a week, and is now contemplating her upcoming work for the month of March. She'll most likely be putting in several days working with Kate on finishing techniques, as she winds up the final tasks for her summer blanket/winter sheet, linen towelling, checked blanket, and pillowcovers.

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